Friday, September 26, 2008

The Boy With Green Hair

I discovered this movie when the kids were little. I liked it, but they never did. I'm not sure why it struck me so while it didn't impress them at all. It's possible I was so touched by the plight of the boy that I didn't see the lack of any real child-appeal. I found it by coming across it on television and was able to videotape it. I'm pleased to see it's readily available online now. [Well, not so readily, as the Internet Archive has removed theirs, but youtube has it online divided into small sections.]

part 1:

The other parts are linked from here.

The Boy With Green Hair is a 1948 film starring Pat O'Brien, Barbara Hale and Dean Stockwell, TCM devotes some space to it. Coffee Coffee and More Coffee has a review. The New York Times review opens with
A novel and noble endeavor to say something withering against war on behalf of the world's unnumbered children who are the most piteous victims thereof is made in the RKO picture, "The Boy With Green Hair," a fantasy-drama in color, which opened at the Palace yesterday. But the fact that the effort is earnest is no surety of its success. For all its proper intentions, the gesture falls short of its aim.

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