Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Dirty Outlaws

The Dirty Outlaws is a 1967 spaghetti western. If you like spaghetti westerns, you'll like this. If you've never tried one, this wouldn't be a bad one to try. But don't let this be the only one you watch.

via youtube:

Quentin Tarantino ranked the film 13th in his personal "Top 20 favorite Spaghetti Westerns". says, "I'd recommend this to any Spaghetti fan. It's a thoroughly satisfying venture." Fistful of Pasta concludes, "I’d say check it out, it was a pretty decent flick. Not high art by any means, but entertaining nevertheless."


  1. Have had too many internet drops to watch much lately--LOL! Oh well. ;)

    1. I don't have trouble with youtube, but I do with some sites. We've been considering one of the streaming video services, and the interruptions are the reason we may go with cable.