Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Land Between the Lakes

We took a day of our vacation to go over to the Land Between the Lakes. We went to the Golden Pond Visitor Center first, where there is a history display we went through:

and a planetarium show we didn't get to come back for. After this we headed north a short distance to go to the Elk and Bison Prairie:

There were interpretive signs throughout:

We saw no elk at all, sadly, as they seem to be more visible during the early morning or the evening hours. We did see bison. Many bison.

The Younger Son took video:

They are impressive animals.

After we finally left here, we headed to the north end of the area to go to a restaurant named Patti's for lunch, and I took so many pictures there that it'll have to be a separate post. This was a delightful side-trip!

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