Saturday, November 16, 2013

Best Dystopian Films

Gotham News has a list of their top 10 dystopian science fiction movies of the 21st century:
#1. Avatar
#2. District 9 (I watched part of it, but gave up before the end.)
#3. Equilibrium
#4. Pitch Black
#5. Serenity
#6. Minority Report
#7. The Matrix: Reloaded
#8. Looper
#9. Moon
#10. Children of Men
I've seen the ones in bold print. I don't think of Avatar as a dystopian film. It's more a picture of what we are like now, only we're on another planet. Looper is a time travel story, and I loathe time travel stories with rare exceptions. I couldn't finish District 9, finding it tedious and annoying. The others of these I've loved.

HT: SF Signal

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