Monday, March 23, 2009

My Favorite Brunette

In honor of today being the anniversary of Peter Lorre's death I declared a 1-day Lorre Blogathon. I've linked my posts on Peter Lorre's films here.

My Favorite Brunette is a 1947 Bob Hope/Dorothy Lamour film. Also appearing in this movie are Lon Chaney, Jr., Peter Lorre, Alan Ladd and Bing Crosby.

Watch it online compliments of the Internet Archive or GoogleVideo:

The New York Times calls it "a commendably funny film". Variety has a review. The Spinning Image says,
My Favorite Brunette is not often hilarious, but prompts chuckles pretty consistently as a sharp send up of the private eye genre, with Hope's narration a bonus and the indignities heaped upon him adding to the fun.

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