Saturday, March 01, 2008

Flight of a Witch

Flight of a Witch is one in a series by Ellis Peters about Detective Inspector George Felse. I'm enjoying this series so far, having read the first one some time back. This book is the third one. Felse appears about a third of the way into the book and disappears before the book ends; the main character is a school teacher in Wales.

from the back of the book:

Annet Beck's beauty is of the second order and it worries her parents so much that they guard her as closely as a prisoner...until the rainy Thursday in October when she disappears.

Annet is last seen vanishing over the crest of Hallowmount, a hill in the remote Welsh Country believed to be the domain of witches. Five days later she mysteriously reappears, claiming that she was gone for only two hours.

Detective Inspector George Felse doesn't believe in witchcraft, but he does believe in love and he never underestimates its power, especially when it may have led to murder...

This was an easy, quick read, enjoyable throughout but not stressful to read. The Younger Son didn't care for the first in the series, so I doubt he'll read this one. I'm not sure what it was about the first one that failed to captivate him... maybe because it centered on older character... This one features a young woman, a couple of older boys and several young male suspects. He might find more of a connection here. (correction: He has read this one already and reports it to be similar to the first one -ok, but not worth seeking out any more.)

Today is the feast day of St. David of Wales.

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