Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eye of the Needle

Book #11 for the Book Awards Reading Challenge

Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett is the story of a ruthless German spy who has found out crucial intelligence about the imminent attack at Normandy and must get the information to Berlin.

from the back of the book:

His code name was The Needle. He was a tall, handsome German aristocrat of extraordinary intelligence - England’s most dangerous enemy. He knew the secret that could win the war for Hitler....

She was Lucy Rose, a beautiful young Englishwoman torn between her burning desire and her binding duty. She was the only one who could stop him....

It moves quickly, with lots of action. I got to know the characters, but character development never stands in the way of moving the plot along. The chapters alternate between several sets of characters: the spy, the English government officials who are hot on his trail and Lucy Rose and her family. It has been made into a film with Donald Sutherland playing the spy.

It won the Edgar Award in 1979.

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