Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion, a 2003 comedy/horror/romance, is a funny film. We had never seen it before, but I know it'll be in the regular October rotation from now on. It stars: Eddie Murphy, Terrence Stamp (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Superman 1 & 2), Nathaniel Parker (title role in Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Laertes in the Franco Zeffirelli Hamlet, the episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot titled "The Affair at the Victory Ball"), and Wallace Shawn (Grand Negus Zek on ST: DS9).

It reminded me a bit of the Don Knotts movie The Ghost and Mr. Chicken in some places. There's the whole idea of "meaning well" meaning something and the idea of the guy who disappoints and doesn't measure up coming through in the end.


The New York Times says, "no frights and no laughs." Roger Ebert says that it "won't much entertain older family members, but it might be fun for kids and seems headed for a long run on home video." Moria doesn't like it and says,
From the 1990s onwards, the Disney corporation under CEO Michael Eisner has begun a massive and soulless process of commercialising every single facet of their empire... The Haunted Mansion is the third in what is one of the most bizarre attempts to milk everything possible from the Disney empire – films based on their theme park attractions.

10/5/2008: This is one of The Husband's new favorites of the Halloween videos, so we watched it tonight since he was here.
10/25/2009: The Husband picked this out for us tonight. This was the first time for The Daughter to see it.
10/17/2011: The Husband picked this one because it meets his need in a horror movie: no scares, funny and with a happy ending. Films like that are hard to find. The Younger Son watched it with us.

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