Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Score

The Score (1964) is the 5th book in the Parker series by Richard Stark (pen name of Donald Westlake). I like these for the clean, spare style and that they are different from other books I read in focusing on a main character who is a sociopathic career thief. Each book covers one of the jobs he takes. The plots don't have any frills and are devoted to the job and the characters directly involved. This book is notable for having the first appearance of Alan Grofield, who goes on to become a regular character and even has some novels of his own.

from the back of the book:
It was an impossible crime: knock off an entire North Dakota town called Copper Canyon -clean out the plant payroll, both banks, and all the stores in one night. Parker called it "science fiction," but with the right men (a score of them), he could ficure it all out to the last detail. It could work. If the men behaved like pros, cool and smart; if they didn't get impatient, start chaing skirts, or decide to take the opportunity to settle secret old scores... they just might pull it off.
You can read an excerpt here at Amazon.

I've also read these:

1. The Hunter (1962)
4. The Mourner (1963)


  1. HMMM! This is quite different from any book I've ever heard of before. It sounds like you enjoyed these, too. I'll have to see if they are in our library.

    1. Yes, I did enjoy these and will be reading them as I find them. There's something about a book that strikes me as different in style. I hope your library can get you one to try.

  2. Wrote this series on my list, too. ;)

    1. I hope you like it. They're short ;) so it's not hard to take them out for a test drive.