Monday, September 10, 2012

Young Avenue Deli

We recently went to Young Avenue Deli for lunch. The Daughter had to work, but the rest of us could go. We sat inside instead of on the patio. In fact, we got the last table available after the couple ahead of us sat at the bar.

We weren't close to a window and it's not well-lit inside, so I didn't try to take a picture of the food. The service was friendly and prompt enough, and we never lacked for drink refills. The food was good. The menu is online. We ordered chicken tenders as an appetizer, but they came out with the rest of the food. I got a chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread with their award-winning fries. "What award?" you ask? Who knows? Who cares? They won our award for great fries, and that's enough for us. The chicken salad was good, well-seasoned and a generous portion with big chunks of chicken. Tasty. The Husband ordered the Sam I am. The Elder Son got the hot roast beef and enjoyed the heat. The Younger Son got his usual burger, adding pepperjack cheese and bacon. It met his high standards. He had been there before and knew what to expect. In fact, I was the only one of us who hadn't been there before. I should get out more!

If you're curious, the fries won this award. The burger gets a great review at the Best Memphis Burger blog. The Memphis Foodie blog praises the attitudes of the servers but, alas, not their skill, but loves the food and ambiance. The Burn My Mouth blog is enthusiastic in their recommendation.

Eating the fries is #40 on the I Love Memphis blog list of 365 things to do in Memphis.

9/13/2012: A Girl, A Fork and A spoon speaks highly of the Sam I Am.


  1. Yummy. U r making me hungry. I ate here once and loved it. I just have not had time to go back yet.

    StormyDawn and Buttons

    1. i saw your most recent post and am sorry you have had such an unwelcome... what can you call it? a surprise? hardly seems to catch quite the right feel, does it? anyway, sometimes people are just bad. :(

      i did enjoy the deli. i wish memphis had a local equivalent of mcdonalds. i'd love _cheap_ local food, and, although these local places aren't what you could call expensive, they are certainly not cheap. yes, i am cheap and would love a local place where i could eat something for less.

  2. I agree. Want good inexpensive food.