Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Devil Doll

The Devil Doll is a 1936 Todd Browning horror film starring Lionel Barrymore and Maureen O'Sullivan. The miniaturizing special effects are fun. There's more melodrama than horror here, and I can't recommend this one unless -as is pointed out below- you want to see Barrymore overact in drag.


1000 Misspent Hours says,
you have not witnessed the man’s full scenery-chewing might until you have seen The Devil Doll, and taken in the awesome spectacle of Lionel Barrymore acting in drag!
and closes with this:
On the whole, I’d say the bad counterbalances the good almost exactly, and someone considering watching The Devil Doll should probably base their decision on how much female impersonation from a middle-aged ham they think they can take.
Moria says, "Outside of Lionel Barrymore though, the story of The Devil-Doll is slight and melodramatic". Rotten Tomatoes gives it 100%. 100%? Wow!

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