Sunday, September 23, 2012


[REC] is a 2007 Spanish found-footage zombie horror film. It traces a tv host who is filming a fire station's activities and who goes along for the ride when the fire fighters get a call. She and the cameraman find themselves locked down in the building with residents and first responders, and the zombie population grows among them. I found this one kept my attention throughout but wasn't so gory it was difficult to watch. The shaky camera style of this-is-really-happening isn't my favorite type of film, though.

Youtube has this online (or did on 9/21 when I watched it):

Moria says,
... the scenes that take [Rec] into the genuinely harrowing are the last few minutes ... The final shot has a genuine nightmare grimness.
1000 Misspent Hours likes it and begins their review with this:
Seriously— who the hell ever guessed that the Spaniards would be the ones to show us all the correct way to make a faux-verite horror film?
Rotten Tomatoes gives it 96%.

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