Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Elder Son gave me this DVD for an occasion some time ago. My viewing of it was interrupted for some reason and never resumed, but now I've gotten back to it. Westworld is a 1973 science fiction film starring Yul Brynner as a rogue robot gunslinger in an amusement park gone haywire.

The Cinemated Man has the film up at googlevideo:

This includes some of Cinemated Man's commentary, which is either a good thing or not depending on how you look at these things.

Moria has a review. 1000 Misspent Hours says it "has more genuine dramatic kick to it than any other Crichton picture I’ve seen". has a mixed review, but says,
The film might have been intolerable had it been played only as an action movie or been any longer. As it is, it emerges as a minor, and not even all that guilty, pleasure.

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