Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Trollenberg Terror

Also known as The Crawling Eye, The Trollenberg Terror is a 1958 science fiction movie starring Forrest Tucker (The Strange World of Planet X and F Troop -let's not forget F Troop) and Janet Munro (The Day the Earth Caught Fire). The more I see of Forrest Tucker the more I like him. The music -I like the music, too- is by Stanley Black.

Moria calls it a "small but nevertheless effective contribution to the 1950s alien invader genre" and says, "It is however well directed with director Lawrence adding a tense psychological dimension which is enough to make it a good film" but faults the alien special effects for diminishing the film towards the end. 1000 Misspent Hours says it "remains one of the more effective 50’s monster movies in spite of its ending." Classic SciFi Movies calls it "a pretty good B movie".

3/25/2009: WTF-Film notes Forrest Tucker "does a fine job here, far away from the Western roles he is most remembered for."

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