Monday, November 21, 2011

Queen Christina

The Grandmother hadn't seen this one and neither had I. When I told her it came out in 1933 and asked her if she'd seen it, she said, "I was in 10th grade that year, and we didn't go to many movies then." Queen Christina stars Greta Garbo (in what The Younger Son tells me is one of her better roles), John Gilbert and Ian Keith. The film is loosely based on historical characters.


It got good reviews when it was released. Slant Magazine calls it "an uneven spectacle" but says,
The famous last close-up of her impassive face in Queen Christina is one of those movie things that you never get over, an endless subject for contemplation.
The Guardian concludes its review by saying,
this is a surprisingly credible nod towards 17th century Swedish history, and not too bad an effort at capturing the spirit of the real Christina, either. Modern filmmakers, watch and learn.
TCM and AMC have some information.

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