Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Devil's Rain

The Devil's Rain is a 1975 horror film with William Shatner, John Travolta, Ernest Borgnine, Eddie Albert, Tom Skerritt, Ida Lupino, Keenan Wynn and Anton LaVey. Now, there's a varied cast list! Slow movie. Very, very slow. Even the running is slow.


The New York Times has nothing good to say: ""The Devil's Rain" is ostensibly a horror film, but it barely manages to be a horror." Roger Ebert calls it "painfully dull". 1000 Misspent Hours gives it negative 3 stars and closes by saying,
Though most elements of this film are things which a longtime horror fan will have seen many times before, they have been combined here in such a cockeyed, counterintuitive manner that The Devil’s Rain comes across as being far more original than it actually is. It’s a case of the familiar made very, very strange.
Moria gives it 1 star, describing it as "one of the more lunatic and dire among the films jumping on the mid-70s occult bandwagon inspired by the successes of Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and The Exorcist (1973)" and says,
The Devil's Rain is usually referred to in Golden Turkey terms. It gives the impression of being written and directed with a haphazard indifference. It doesn’t make any particular sense on a narrative level.
DVDTalk has kind words:
How did so many talented tendencies get accused of being one of the worst movies ever made? Perhaps, the truth is a little more telling. ...what we have here is actually an ambitious miscalculation that functions just fine after three decades removed from its unremarkable debut.

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