Saturday, January 20, 2007

Strong As Death

Strong as Death is the 4th of the Catherine LeVendeur mysteries by Sharon Newman. From the back of the book:
A former noviate in the Order of the Paraclete, Catherine LeVendeur has had more than her share of adventures. In fact, intrigue -and murder- seem to dog her path. When Catherine chooses love over churchly devotion by falling in love with her Saxon nobleman, Edgar, her family had the earnest hope that married life would settle this most headstrong and unusual woman. But fate has a way of playing with mortals, and after suffering several miscarriages and the birth of a stillborn child, Catherine is driven by a prophetic dream. She and Edgar will embark on a pilgrimage to the fabled monastery of Compostela, to petition St. James for a child, to take the holy waters, and to pray.

I enjoyed this book for its look into the relations between people of various faiths at the time and especially for its picture of the pilgrimage to Compostela, a pilgrimage still actively sought today.

I've read the first in this series and am picking up the others as I find them used.

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