Friday, May 19, 2006

Panning "The Da Vinci Code"

The Da Vinci Code movie is being panned in the reviews I'm hearing and seeing. I saw the review commented on at the Christian CADRE blog. Other reviews are just as bad. #1 Son is going to see it tonight, so I look forward to hearing his impressions.

The book has caused quite a stir. There are some pretty extreme reactions out there -this group is starving themselves in protest. There are many, though, who see this as an opportunity to witness to non-Christians. A list of some groups is here.

Update: The WSJ's OpinionJournal weighs in with the idea that maybe Dan Brown just wanted to see whether or not anyone would believe such nonsense, and Christianity Today's review here calls it "a dud". Instapundit links to this review, and Red State Rabble manages to associate the movie with Creationism/ID. There's even a specifically United Methodist response here.

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