Monday, April 25, 2016

The Ghost in the Shell: the New Movie

The Ghost in the Shell: the New Movie is a 2015 anime film, part of the Ghost in the Shell franchise. This film involves the assassination of the Japanese Prime Minister. I'm a big fan of this series (film and TV), and we buy them when they are released. We are looking forward to the upcoming live-action adaptation.


Anime News Network closes its review by calling it "an effective balance of cerebral content and intense sci fi action".


  1. For some odd reason, I have never gotten into the world of Anime films. Now I wonder if it's because I just never gave them much of a chance, or I was unsure I could keep up with the dialogue. Nice to read that you are a fan.

    1. There is a lot of it to choose from and a wide variety, and I like some more than others. I started by researching lists and trying a few. This series is interesting. At least to me ;)