Thursday, April 07, 2016

Joyce Cobb in Concert

I've been attending a series of free concerts this Spring at the main branch of the Memphis public library. The 3rd one was last week and featured Joyce Cobb.

Joyce Cobb is a treasure. She's been in Memphis since the mid 1970s. I don't see video of this concert online, but here's a recent taste of her energy:

and here is video from a few years ago:

and here's a local interview:

It's such a joy to have access to such good local music!


  1. I adore her! Must be a treat to get to listen to her live!

    1. I have to add, now that I listened to the entire interview, that she has the same cancer that my grandmother died of 20 years ago. They could do absolutely nothing for her, and it is greatly comforting to see how much more can be done about cancer now, compared to then. Cobb is a true rolemodel, so brave and stable, still giving so much. Love her.

    2. She is indeed an inspiration. She said during the concert that Memphis ought to have a jazz club and that she'd do it herself if she had deep pockets. I'd love to see a club like that here. We do have a jazz radio station, at least, and we don't have a single blues radio station. It's bizarre when you think about how many country music stations there are. :(