Sunday, September 21, 2014

Challenge of McKenna

Challenge of McKenna is a 1970 Spaghetti Western starring Robert Woods and John Ireland. An American former priest, haunted by demons from his past, comes across a hanged man and a grieving woman. He buries the man and takes the woman to the nearest ranch. It turns out that the woman is the rancher's daughter and the hanged man an unwelcome suitor. His interference in the family's business irritates the bristly father and his insane son. This is very watchable with good acting, a fine soundtrack, and an interesting plot. calls it "a hidden gem" and says it's
a very good example of a low budget film which punches well above its weight. All the cast are due praise, the soundtrack works well without being a classic, the themes are well played out and thought provoking and, above all, some of the dialogue and one liners are truly memorable.
WesternsAllItaliana has a plot synopsis.

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