Monday, April 23, 2012

They Call Me Trinity

They Call Me Trinity is a 1970 Spaghetti Western starring Terrence Hill, Bud Spencer and Farley Granger. There are Mormons in this film. How timely!

watch it online here: says, "People all over the world loved the movie." Roger Ebert gives it just 2 1/2 stars but speaks fondly of it. The Spinning Image notes that the films in the Trinity series "were worldwide hits". Fistful of Pasta opens with this:
Generally known as the film that saved the Italian film industry and killed the spaghetti western, this film did for the comedy western what A Fistful of Dollars had done for the die hard spaghettis: it spawned an entire army of false sequels, loose sequels, pale imitations, lame imitations and some nice sequels and colorful imitations as well.
and closes by saying, "All in all they're excellent family entertainment and as such warmly recommended."

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