Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Fly

I've seen the original Vincent Price film several times and haven't been interested in the David Cronenberg version, but I couldn't resist the price I saw on a used copy at Spin Street. The Fly is a 1986 remake of the original. Jeff Goldblum plays the Vincent Price role. Geena Davis is his love interest. I'm glad I finally saw it. I think it does justice to its inspiration and is just as sad.


1000 Misspent Hours likes it and says, "only rarely has he [Cronenberg] displayed such mastery of characterization as he does here." Moria gives it a good review and says, "His [Cronenberg's] is a darker, inner vision of the story where the original idea has been colluded with Cronenberg’s frequent bodily horror obsessions." Slant Magazine closes by saying, "In its galvanizing portrait of a body ravaged and sexual stasis infected by bugs, The Fly might be Cronenberg's most direct horror film ever."

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