Saturday, November 19, 2011

An American in Paris

It'd been blows and stretches since I'd seen An American in Paris, and it turned out The Grandmother had never seen it. How is it that a 93 year old woman who would've been around 30 years old and childless when it played in theaters and who has had cable for over 10 years has never seen this film? Well, she's seen it now, and her response was that it was the kind of movie one of her brothers would've liked. "You know... anything musical." lol It was fun to watch it again, and, of course, Gene Kelly is always worth seeing. In addition to Gene Kelly, it stars Leslie Caron in her first film, Oscar Levant, Nina Foch and Georges Guetary. It's directed by Vincente Minnelli.


Roger Ebert has a review. The Guardian calls it "An exotically contrived romance." DVD Talk says,
The all-around tone of the film is jaunty, with gorgeous sets and likable actors strutting their stuff without a whiff of self-consciousness. Declaring that they don't make them like An American in Paris anymore wouldn't be a cliché, it's a simple fact.
Time Out mentions "Gene Kelly in a puce body stocking".

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