Saturday, February 21, 2009

Warriors of the Wasteland

Warriors of the Wasteland is a 1982 Italian post-apocalyptic film. It's 2019 A.D., and the nuclear holocaust is over. Marauders in white roam the countryside wreaking havoc, with folks leaping through the air in slow motion in the process of being shot at. Men pose and talk slowly. There are many explosions. Religious mumbo jumbo is thrown in for good measure. Our Hero wears low-cut tight black leather pants and clear hard upper body armor with metal trim. The woman who likes him has Very Big Hair.

One of the worst movies I've seen, though I have to confess I did a good deal of skipping through this one.

It can't be embedded here, but googlevideo has it online. The Internet Archive has what they describe as a "modified American public domain version":

Moria pulls no punches, calling it "almost certainly the worst post-holocaust film ever made and maybe even a strong contender for one of the worst films ever made."

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