Friday, February 06, 2009


Videodrome is another Cronenberg film. Just not my thing. It may be an important film for all kinds of reasons, but I'm not watching the rest. Cold violence, male power, torture, abused women. As entertainment?

This film is available in a Criterion edition.

Parts of it are online at youtube. Here's the trailer:

Moria praises it as "the most conceptually daring film David Cronenberg had dared to foist on audiences up until that point." Images Journal discusses the film and reviews the Criterion DVD. The SciFiMoviePage includes it in their list of Ten Lesser-Known Cyberpunk Movies. DvdTalk says
Cronenberg really hits his directing stride with Videodrome. For the first time his actors are all top-rank. The effects don't overpower the story and the story doesn't rely on a chase to sustain its thriller framework. The revelations are paced well and we accept some truly weird happenings as matters of fact.

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