Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)

Jesus Christ Superstar, the 1973 filmed adaptation of the rock opera, tells the story of Jesus' ministry and death. This is still my favorite Jesus movie, and I still get chills when I watch it. It is directed by Norman Jewison (The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming; The Thomas Crown Affair; Fiddler on the Roof) and stars Ted Neeley as Jesus.

Here's the Gethsemane scene:

Roger Ebert praises it, calling it "a Biblical movie with dignity" and a triumph over the stage original. The New York Times emphasizes the anti-semitism charge and ignores every other aspect of the film. remarks on the continuing legacy among folks who were impressionable youth at the time and whose lives were changed as a result of this film:
Even today, more than 30 years since it was released, a multitude of like-minded souls have put up Web sites in homage to various permutations of "Jesus Christ Superstar." They trade gossip and tidbits about the various actors who have portrayed this passion play's principals over the years and share stories of how the rock opera has changed their lives. Hey, just saying, I'm not the only one.

So that proves I'm not the only one!

As of 2007, Neeley was still playing this part and doing a fine job of it.

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    That proves I'm not the only one either!