Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Day After

The Day After is a 1983 made-for-tv post-apocalyptic movie starring Jason Robards. Stephen Furst (Babylon 5), John Lithgow, JoBeth Williams and Bibi Besch (who has a Star Trek connection) are also in it. It won a couple of Emmy Awards.

At over 2 hours it seems long for this kind of thing, but it doesn't seem too long as I watch it. The first hour sets the scene, and the second hour shows the aftermath. I remember seeing this when it came out.

The film is at googlevideo:

Moria claims it "exists more as a controversy than it does as a film" saying,
the film’s problem is that characters are blank identities full of even more banal responses. Events happen – bomb explodes, people fight for water – but there’s no drama here.

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