Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Astounding She-Monster

The Astounding She-Monster is a 1957 science fiction film. Ed Wood served as a creative consultant. It begins with a voice-over narration that goes on and on, and it moves into what might be a parody of a crime film. "The best laid plans will go astray this day."

But this is no ordinary crime story. No, there's a shiny alien woman in this movie. This alien woman has funny eyebrows. I do like the collie. Pretty dog in an uncredited role, but MonsterHunter says he's star Robert Clarke's real-life dog. Except for the dog this is a complete waste of time. Dull. Boring.

Veoh has it online if you want to download their player. I've had too much trouble with it in the past to go through that ever again. Here's a trailer:

Moria says it's "rather dreary".

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