Thursday, August 30, 2007

Out of the Past

Another film noir. Younger Son hasn't seen all that many of this genre and is rounding out his movie experience. Out of the Past is directed by Jacques Tourneur and stars Robert Mitchum, a favorite of mine, and Kirk Douglas as a sleazy bad guy. We think Klingons would like this film because everybody dies and nobody makes a profit. This movie is well worth watching and is good for many repeat viewings.


You can watch the beginning of the film here at Mitchum's Facebook page.

Bright Lights Film Journal calls it "riveting" and says it is "usually ranked as one of the best of the genre". Images Journal says it is "An essential noir and one of the great archetypal noirs." has an article. It's one of Time's 100 Best Films.

1/13/2008: 1001Flicks has a review.
8/11/2008: Movie Zeal has a review as part of a month of noir.
5/16/2009: Noir of the Week has a review.

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