Monday, July 30, 2007

R.I.P. Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman died today at the age of 89. I saw the news first at GreenCine. I watched his The Seventh Seal a couple of months ago.

New York Times
The Guardian

Self-Styled Siren has a report
as does Coffee coffee and more coffee
and scanners
and Cinematical
and LeftWingCracker, who also tells me of the death of talk show host Tom Snyder.

update 7/31/2007: VideosWithBibi has the classic Madeline Kahn parody.

Flickhead has a story.

has a link to the Telegraph article which
goes in particularly fascinating detail into his religious influences and his lifelong themes of sin and eternity.

SFScope has a notice and a couple of links.

update 8/1/2007: Scanners has new coverage, including links to and snips from other sites.

GetReligion has an article touching on the religious language being used in the obits and retrospectives being published on Bergman. GetReligion asks
Over the past day or so, I have read other mainstream tributes to Bergman and I cannot find the answer to a logical question, after all of these references to God, doubt and death. Here is the question: What did Bergman believe, if anything, about the ultimate issues? Did he ever make a clear statement about his religious beliefs?

Fraktastic has a video clip.

RightwingFilmGeek has an article about his films.

from The House Next Door

update 8/4/2007: Now I'm beginning to see less flattering commentary. Scanners, for example, expands on this line.

update 8/7/2007: Greencine has posted a final update with lots of material.

update 8/8/07: Scanners continues linking to new articles, focusing this time on folks who take a less favorable view of Bergman's work.

8/19: more from GreenCine

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