Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal, a beautiful Jim Henson film, came out in 1982 before I had children to appreciate it, but we loved it ourselves and introduced it to the kiddos as they came along. This film has something to offer to people of all ages. A sequel is in the works.

The trailer:

Variety introduces its review with this:
The Dark Crystal, besides being a dazzling technological and artistic achievement by a band of talented artists and performers, presents a dark side of Muppet creators Jim Henson and Frank Oz that could teach a lesson in morality to youngsters at the same time it is entertaining their parents.

Moria says, "The depth of detail put into the design of this world and sets is stunning." Decent doesn't like it. Neither does The New York Times.'s review, which mentions flaws but calls it "an amazing experience," has been lost in the confusion of the switch to syfy, but it's cached here.

7/9/2009: The Younger Son, The Daughter and I watched this again during lunch.

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