Sunday, January 08, 2012

Winchester 73

Winchester '73 (1950) has been on The Husband's wish-list for years, and The Younger Son got it for him for Christmas this year. It's more the traditional old-style Western and stars Jimmy Stewart and Shelley Winters. It has Rock Hudson miscast as a native American and Tony Curtis in one of his early roles. Will Geer is also a supporting player. Anthony Mann directs.


DVD Talk opens with this:
Winchester '73 is what film critics call a key western, for it represents a major turn in the genre's development. High Noon got all the credit for initiating the 'adult psychological Western' of the 1950s but this ambitious Universal film is the real trend-setter...
Couch Cowboy says, "This is the first effort from James Stewart and Anthony Mann, and many consider it the best." Ferdy on Films points out its kinship with film noir.

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  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    "Winchester '73 is what film critics call a key western..." How could I say it any better myself?

    -- A Pal