Monday, January 16, 2017

Back Exercises

These are some exercises that are supposed to help strengthen the spine. There are illustrated guides online to exercises if you prefer them to videos. There are 4 back strengthening exercises here at, the Mayfield Clinic, and How Stuff Works all have suggestions. WikiHow has several articles, including ones here and here and here. There's a pdf here that contains a series of 11 daily exercises intended to strengthen and condition the spine. There aren't many I can use as-is, and I don't mind adapting to suit me. Please be careful to adapt resources to suit you.

The DoYogaWithMe Youtube channel has a one-hour video on spinal care. It is here at this link. For some reason they have disabled the embedding function.

This physical therapy Youtube channel provides a daily video covering a wide range of subjects with adaptations for fitness/ability level. Here's a recent one with great options for back and core strengthening:

Michele Kenway is a physiotherapist who focuses her suggestions on exercises that are safe for women with pelvic floor issues. They are effective for anybody, though. She has 3 videos that target the back, and they are not difficult at all:

This 14-minute video from The Training Toole Youtube channel is directly focused on osteoporosis exercises for the back:

And there's a video from the Healthy Focus LLC Youtube channel:

that links to an article that provides written instructions for the exercises.

The following 2 videos from the Jessica Valant Pilates Youtube channel are (as is the one directly above) targeted to people who have scoliosis (or a curvature of the spine), although I don't do any of the activities that involve spinal flexion:

The Five Parks Yoga Youtube channel has some videos that I like (though I don't do the cat cow or other poses that require spinal flexion, I don't do shoulder stands, and I modify some of the poses):

Margaret Martin's Youtube channel offers videos demonstrating exercises, and I love this one for back-strengthening specifically for people with osteoporosis:

I do some kind of spine strengthening exercise daily.


  1. I wish I could see these videos. I'll be SO glad when I get my computer back. But I won't ask until I'm sure the ice is gone from the side streets as well as the major thoroughfares. My arthritis affects many exercises, so I hope I find something I can actually use.

    1. There are so many different people out there with suggestions for exercises, I hope you can find something to help you. It can be hard to know exactly what's the best approach, I know :( Maybe some of the non-video plans I linked to will work for you. At least those can be printed off and be available even when you don't have internet access.