Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Session 9

Session 9 is 2001 horror film starring David Caruso and Paul Guilfoyle. I don't remember this film at all from when it came out.

Watch it online, compliments of VuReel:

The New York Times says, "the film, too artfully conceived to deliver many overt shocks, often feels long and aimless." Variety says it's "little more than an overworked exercise in jostling red herrings, and not particularly fresh herrings at that."
Moria says,
Session 9 is reflective of the new aesthetic that seems to have settled on the horror film after The Blair Witch Project (1999)...
The film uses naturalistic, sometimes handheld, camerawork rather than dramatically staged set-ups; is shot on high-definition video rather than film; uses everyday surroundings – an actual abandoned asylum rather than any constructed sets; and is one that focuses on actors reacting to the environment rather than performing around camera set-ups. Both Session 9 and Blair Witch strip the horror film away from conventions and clich├ęs – they are more realistic character dramas. Session 9 is particularly well written in this regard ...
The character tensions are remarkably well drawn and some of the soliloquies granted the characters quite haunting. Amidst all of this Anderson generates an intensely haunted atmosphere....

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