Sunday, April 20, 2008


Mirrormask is a film The Younger Son and I loved when we saw it about a year ago. The Daughter had never seen it, so we showed it to her tonight. She liked it, too!

Here's what I wrote last year:

I'd been wanting to watch this movie since before it was released, but it was just too expensive. And then I found it used for $1.99. Nice!

Mirrormask is a Jim Henson Company film written by Neal Gaiman. The visual imagery is the real star of the show, but the movie itself was delightful, too, and easily viewable again.

Here's the trailer:

Here's the scene with the giants:

Roger Ebert says,
"MirrorMask" must have been a labor of love to make. Watching it is also a labor of love.

Locus Online's review concludes:
What you have here is a visually breathtaking and original film with a mostly second-hand plot. It's worth your six or seven bucks for the visuals alone. It also has the best use ever of a Carpenter's song. Trust us.

Cinematical's review opens with these words:
Anyone expecting Labyrinth 2: Back In Hot Water from the dark, Henson-produced fantasy MirrorMask will be disappointed, though creator/comic book god Neil Gaiman's many fans will thrill to finally see the writer's imagination so undiluted on the screen.

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