Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pew Quiz on Public Knowledge

I had seen this mentioned but didn't realize I could take the quiz online. My results:
Here's Your Score: You correctly answered 11 out of the 12 possible questions, which means you did better on the quiz than 82% of the general public.
I missed the question about the Dow.

The web site reports:
The average man scored better than 52% of the public, while the average woman did better than 35%.

They also say
Across the 12 knowledge items tested, the biggest gap between Democrats and Republicans comes over awareness of the current level of the Dow.
which is interesting, since that's the one question I got wrong and I voted Democratic in the last election.

You can read the report here, but you should take the quiz first.

HT: Bob's Brainstorms


  1. "your score compares with other Americans who took the test in our national telephone survey"

    At first, I thought the results would have been skewed because normally only mildly-confident persons would volunteer for such a quiz. But it sounds like the range is roughly random, although I suspect many of the politically-disengaged did excuse themselves from the process.

  2. "politically-disengaged"

    I love this way of describing it.