Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mutant Chronicles

The Younger Son had a long day yesterday and was in the mood to watch something mindless during supper. Since the 2 of us were the only ones home, he picked Mutant Chronicles, which he was fairly sure would hold no interest for The Husband and The Daughter. This 2009 film stars Ron Perlman and Sean Pertwee (the real Hugh). The Younger Son had seen this before. It's got a simple, linear plot, simple clear-cut characters, and lots of action and gore.


The New York Times has a negative review that opens with this: "Science-fiction completists and connoisseurs of cliché may find some diversion in “Mutant Chronicles,” a shamelessly derivative film...". The Village Voice closes by saying, "Our heroes are offed one by one, some shit definitely gets fucked up, and I dearly hope John Malkovich got paid handsomely for his two days of embarrassment on-set." The Guardian hopes there won't be another: "The most disturbing thing of all this the second word of the title. Chronicles. Plural. Is there more of this in the pipeline?"

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