Sunday, January 10, 2010


The Younger Son narrowed down the choices to 3, and I picked Highlander mainly because of all the sword-fighting. It's a 1986 fantasy film with Sean Connery as the real main draw. We have the Director's cut. Our DVD had some sound problems, going from loud explosions to inaudible dialog. That wasn't helped by Christopher Lambert's attempt at a Scottish accent, which we had difficulty interpreting at some points. At the sound of Queen playing over the opening credits both sons burst out laughing.


Moria says it "proved a captivating and original public success" and "is a film made with a refreshing imagination." The New York Times says,
For his brief time on screen, Mr. Connery brings dash and style to the overblown proceedings, but then he loses his head and we're back with much ado about less than nothing.

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