Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tuvalu in the Olympics

This is the first time Tuvalu has fielded athletes in the games.

Okilani Tinilau finished 8th in his heat in the men's 100 m at the Olympics.

Asenate Manoa ran the 100 m and finished 8th in her heat, setting a national record.

Logona Esau competed in the weightlifting and results of that competition are here. has a report here:
The Tuvaluan's did not arrive at the Olympics with the expectation of winning medals. Their goal was to participate among the world's greatest athletes, learn the Olympic spirit, and show the world that the people of one of the world's smallest nations can show the dedication to compete at such a high level.

There's a Facebook group for Tuvalu here and a Facebook application to root for Tuvaluan Olympic athletes here.

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