Saturday, August 23, 2008

45 Minutes From Hollywood

This is one of several films on the list linked from the Movies About Movies Blogathon announcement that can be viewed online. I love it when I find films online, especially if they can be embedded in my blog. 45 Minutes From Hollywood is produced and co-written by Hal Roach and has Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in it, though not in scenes together.

The family from the hills goes to Hollywood to pay the mortgage. Hoping to see the stars they meet bank robbers instead. The bank robbers have disguised themselves as film makers -a trick that fails miserably with everyone but the tourists. The hillbilly son is taken in completely, asking one of the robbers for advice on getting into movies. He is quickly swept up in the action, but it is the wrong action, on the wrong side of the hotel detective and the cops.

part 1:

part 2:

I'm keeping a list of the films this blogathon has inspired me to watch here.

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