Monday, July 17, 2017

The Redbreast

The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo is the 3rd book in the Harry Hole detective series. I'll pick up more as I come across them. I'm enjoying the characters and writing so far.

from the back of the book:
Detective Harry Hole embarrassed the force, and for his sins he's been reassigned to mundane surveillance tasks. But while monitoring neo-Nazi activities in Oslo, Hole is inadvertantly drawn into a mystery with deep roots in Norway's dark past -when members of the nation's government willingly collaborated with Nazi Germany. More than sixty years later, this black mark won't wash away,
and disgraced old soldiers who once survived a brutal Russian winter are being murdered, one by one. Now, with only a stained and guilty conscience to guide him, an angry, alcoholic, error-prone policeman must make his way safely past the traps and mirrors of a twisted criminal mind.
For a hideous conspiracy is rapidly taking shape around Hole -and Norway's darkest hour may still be to come.
The Washington Post calls it
a fine novel, ambitious in concept, skillful in execution and grown-up in its view of people and events. In important ways it's also a political novel, one concerned with the threat of fascism, in Norway and by implication everywhere. All in all, "The Redbreast" certainly ranks with the best of current American crime fiction.
The New York Times describes it as "an elegant and complex thriller".

I've also read the first 2 books in this series:
The Bat


  1. This sounds like a book I would enjoy, as much for the history as the mystery. No, I'm not a poet!

    1. I like the exposure to a different culture. And I'll join you in not being a poet ;)

  2. Been offline for awhile. Out of book suggestions too. Had to stop by to see what you have been reading. Thanks for mentioning a new to me author.

    1. I've been gone for a week and am realizing how much I missed lol