Sunday, November 06, 2016

City Girl

City Girl is a 1930 F.W. Murnau film about a young waitress who falls in love with the farmer who is in the big city at the direction of his father to sell his family's wheat crop. This is a touching tale of different lives that intersect. The film takes place during the harvest season.

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Senses of Cinema concludes with this:
The strengths of Murnau’s films often lie in the details, the representation and conveyance of emotion, the expressive and minimalist use of intertitles, the discrete complication of structural polarities, and the extraordinary play of light and dark across expressive interior and exterior landscapes. City Girl, both an archaic and visionary work of the late silent cinema, is a reiteration and reinvigoration of these qualities.

Rotten Tomatoes has an 80% critics rating.


  1. Somehow this one doesn't sound like it would interest me. But thanks for calling it to my attention. And I DO know about harvests, living in the wheat state!

    1. I'll watch anything by that director. And I'm looking for movies that take place in the fall but that aren't back-to-school settings. The options are a bit limited.