Thursday, September 15, 2016

Butterfly Garden

I went to the Memphis Botanic Garden a couple of weeks ago specifically looking for caterpillars in the butterfly garden but didn't see any.

There were flowers and butterflies aplenty.

I go to this park at least once a week but don't always go to this area.

I enjoy any kind of park setting and feel fortunate to have such a lovely space close to where I live.


  1. This is gorgeous. You are SO lucky to have such a beautiful area near you. We have something like that at our Botanical Gardens, but nothing as grand or lovely.

  2. Must be a lot to this place if you can go there weekly and not hit this area. ;) Looks very peaceful there.

    1. It's a large park with several different garden areas. The garden as a whole is a peaceful place. It's being developed more tha I would like, but nothing's perfect ;)