Friday, January 15, 2016


Wings is a 1966 Soviet film, the debut feature film of Larisa Shepitko. It's the story of a woman who is dissatisfied with her life as a school principal after having served heroically as a fighter pilot.

I watched it when Hulu offered it as one of their free films. You can still see it there, but you need to subscribe to their service.

short clip:

Senses of Cinema says,
Wings follows the picaresque form in emphasising the protagonist Nadezhda’s similarly troubled movement through a world following war, a world with its own pressures and problems that appear to weigh on the ex-pilot even more heavily as she struggles with the everyday torments of family, job and relationships. It is in this respect that Wings emerges as an almost paradigmatic European art cinema text.
DVD Talk says,
This character study in war-induced ennui and inter-generational conflict engendered considerable controversy within a nation not yet ready to publicly acknowledge the lingering psychological effects of the Great Patriotic War. Despite the controversy, Wings established Shepitko's place among the contemporary vanguard of young Soviet filmmakers.
TCM has an article calling it "remarkable" and "superbly crafted in every way".

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