Friday, January 29, 2016

Parker's Crossroads

Parker's Crossroads is close to Natchez Trace State Park, and we drove up there to see the sights while we were staying at the park recently. The battle there was fought between the Confederates under the command of Nathan B. Forrest (who died much later in 1877 and is buried here in Memphis) and the Union under Jeremiah C. Sullivan. The story of the battle is interesting, but the layout and signage didn't help us much in trying to picture how things had happened.

There's a driving tour and two walking tours. We did one of the walking tours and started the driving tour, but there wasn't actually much to see. They are struggling with preservation since the battle area is crossed by Highway 22 and Interstate 40, which intersect at this town. At one point during the driving tour there was a reconstruction of a split-rail fence, and at that point we decided to call it quits and head for lunch.

We ate at the Crossroads Cafe:

I had fried fish, and -although the hushpuppies were too bready to suit me- the fish was very good:

We enjoy finding locally owned restaurants when we are on vacation, and this was a good pick.


  1. I've never been a big fan of hush puppies. They definitely seem to be southern fare, because I never saw or heard of them until I moved to southeast MO. They look a bit overdone to me, too.

    I noticed the last time I went to a battlefield, the signage was decent, but didn't give a good lay of the land, or show the battle layout. It may be another southern thing, because every battlefield I've visited in the north has been extremely well detailed, with maps and diagrams of the who, what, and where the battle took place, and how the troops advanced over the course of the battle. Gosh, it reads like I have something against the south, but that's not true, just my observance. At least you got a bit of hiking in while you were there and had a great lunch, too.

    1. This is the first battlefield we've been where this has been a problem, but we haven't actually been to that many.