Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Just for Lunch

The Daughter and I went to Just for Lunch yesterday and enjoyed our time together. The restaurant is located inside a small mall which was still decorated for Christmas. The prices were higher than we remembered, and our total with tax and tip was over $27. The daughter had a bowl of tomato soup. You can see it in the corner of this photo:

My quiche came with tomato aspic (which I don't like at all) and a small fruit cup drizzled with something. Since the fruit cup was actually cubed melon decorated with a bit of blueberry and a piece of a strawberry, that wasn't much of a draw either. The quiche was good, the service was excellent, and the mall was pretty, but I'm thinking I've been to this restaurant several times over the years and going back will not be at the top of my list.

After we finished eating and shopping at the mall, we went across the parking lot of the main branch of our city's public library system. They have a used book shop there, and I came away with these:

Not bad for $11, right?

We had coffee and chocolate candy for dessert once we got back to the house, but I somehow neglected to take a photo of that. I got distracted by The Daughter, who was on the computer going through her Facebook friends list with an eye towards cutting dead wood. She had texted one of her old school chums, and this was how that phone text exchange went:
The Daughter: Hi! This is [first name]. Is this the [name redacted] I went to school with?

School Chum: Yes. Who is this?

The Daughter: This is [full name redacted]. I was just remembering our time together in school and thought we might have coffee sometime.
School Chum never responded. Days later, still no response. And then The Daughter realized the two of them were Facebook friends. This meant the School Chum had not responded to any of The Daughter's life events of the past several years, including sad ones like the death of her grandmother and news of her daddy's cancer and happy ones like her daddy's full recovery and her wedding. The Daughter has decided to cut the Facebook friends who have no interest in any personal contact, and she began that process yesterday.

I enjoy Facebook and use it mainly to stay in touch with old high school friends who've moved far away, but I have "met" new people there I enjoy. It's not a matter of whether or not I've met them in real life; it's a matter of whether or not we have mutual interests and a desire to share that. I think The Daughter has turned a page in her use of Facebook. It's a tool, after all, and different people use it in different ways -or don't use it at all, for that matter. It's not a matter of judging whether or not you use Facebook or how you use it. It's a matter of using it or not as it suits you. To each his or her own.

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  1. That lunch was very expensive, in my opinion. It's probably all about location, location, location. I'm not a big fan of aspic, either, and would not have cared for the tiny bowl of fruit they served with mystery sauce.

    I'm not on facebook and never intend to be. I've heard too many bad things about it, especially during times of elections. And of course, i have no friends who seem to be on it, or at least on it regularly. So I'll stay with blogging only, because the rest is just too time consuming for my really old and bogged down computer. I like how your daughter is getting rid of the old wood, too. It just makes sense to get rid of people who don't really want to be in your life.

    Thanks for sharing your lunch, your trip to the book store, and your daughter's revelation about facebook with us for T this Tuesday.

    1. We thought the price was steep, too. We don't remember it being that expensive, but our last trip was 2 years ago.

      I enjoy the social aspect of Facebook. As for politics, I love the back and forth and enjoy sharing with folks whose views are different from mine. You're right, though, that some people don't seem able to see the person behind the opinion they're insulting.

  2. Lunch sounded interesting, and the photos are pretty.......too bad it taste all that good......and a bit pricy for what you got. I don't mind paying the price if the food is GOOD.
    I do use FB for about the same reasons you do. I have been trying, ever so hard, to be more conscious about things I re-post, and just ignoring the hateful stuff. It is also a connection to many of the art groups and the Networking group I belong to.
    Thanks for the visit this T-day and for the lovely comment.

  3. Sounds like one of those expensive meals where it looks wonderful but is sometimes a bit lacking an substance! Your books were a great bargain, enjoy reading them. Have a happy T day, a great week and a wonderful 2016, hugs, Valerie

  4. Nice that you and your daughter could lunch together-even though it did seem expensive and was just OK. I would NOT have liked the tomato aspic either-didn't even know it was still made! Great bargain on the books though. I use FB but not often at all. I use it mostly as a connection to artists pages and pages for private groups I belong to. Happy T day and happy new year too!

  5. Nice for you and your daughter to spend time together...too bad about the lunch. It looks good but as we know looks are not everything.
    I resisted FB for a long while and then when our son moved to CO it was a way to fill in the blanks between phone calls and with pictures too which I always enjoy being a visual person.
    I treat things I don't want to see much like commercials on TV...just block them out or change the channel ;-)
    Happy T Day
    Thank you for your visit to my Magpie's Nest earlier

  6. It's great that you and your daughter spend time together. I rarely get to see mine but once she is finished with her PHD Program she and I are going on a trip together. Somewhere fun and warm with lots of music. ♥

  7. I can see why you wouldn't want to go back to that restaurant any time soon.

    I am relatively new to Facebook and still don't know how to use it. I have a combination of family, friends, bloggers, and some businesses and groups. I only finally relented to being on it at all because that is how it was announced to the family that my folks had been in the terrible car crash down in Florida and later "Dad didn't make it". No phone calls these days. Facebook announcements. What is the world coming to. But I joined. Then I had people ask me to post my blog posts over there because it was easier for them. So I do that now. My problem is I forget to go on it and scrolling down to catch up--I find exhausting. Not sure what to do about Facebook. Or if I should do anything at all. But I wanted to join a couple art groups...so I will have to actually find out how to follow them more easily/directly or go on there every day, I guess--LOL! Anyways, sorry I didn't make it around last week even though I posted--but I am here this week. Happy T-Day!! :)

  8. How lovely to go out for lunch with your daughter. But a bit of a disappointment having to pay so much for so little. We pay that in Euros but we get a three course meal for that.
    I totally agree with your ideas about Facebook. I enjoy facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. My mother (91) looks on my FB page every day to see what I have been up to.
    Thanks for visiting earlier,
    Happy T-day,

  9. I had to google aspic and it is what we call "sylta" in Swedish - I find it as unpalatable in either language. "The Hours" is a glorious book and I´ll be curious to see what you think of "Younger next year". I could do with a tip in that regard.

    I recently joined Facebook to keep up with what is going on in our 80+ head classroom, and I am exploring the possibilities. I have found some interesting sketching groups, but it is all very fast-moving and shallow. Nothing wrong with that, but I still prefer the blogs where people can go on a bit about what they are doing. I guess I´m a bit too introverted to really like Facebook.

    1. I had the "Younger" book recommended to me through some Facebook post or blog... I forget now. There are apparently several versions -for women, a journal, "thinner next year"... There's a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/YoungerNextYr/ , a website http://youngernextyear.com/ , DVDs, kits.... This author seems to have struck gold with the concept.

      I'm a homebody and wouldn't have much contact with real people if it weren't for Facebook. I don't see Facebook and blogging to be useful for the same purposes at all. I don't know anybody in real life who blogs or reads mine, but most people I know are on Facebook.

  10. The mall looks beautiful -shame about the food! Hubby and I know so many arguments caused by folk on FB that we will not join it willingly! That said I only found out about my son's dog dying by someone on FB telling me! For now though, even though many bloggers are turning to FB I will carry on with the format I am happy with! Happy T day! Chrisx

    1. Yes, I think people don't know how to have a friendly argument. It's a shame. I would never give up blogging thinking Facebook could take its place. They are so different!

  11. nice bargain of the books! Keep this in mind and Forget about the pricey Restaurant;) i´m not at Facebook, for various reasons... though i see it can have Advantages. and i think it is good your daughter came to think about priorities of "friends".
    happy belated t-day!

  12. Not good with this expensive meal - hope you enjoy your books!

  13. Too bad the meal was not that good and was more expensive than you remember--of course, spending time with your daughter makes up for some of that! The books look interesting-enjoy!

  14. Looks like a lovely place....and a used book store too. Nice! Love books.
    Happy T day...way late!

  15. The Hours is an amazing book!Love the restaurant.So inviting and lovely!Happy T day:)!