Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dreams (1955)

screenshot from film watched at Hulu.com

Dreams is a 1955 Ingmar Bergman film about two women who work together in the fashion industry who schedule a 2-day shoot in a near-by town. They are having relationship difficulties with the men in their lives. The older woman is trying to renew her affair with a married man; the younger woman -a model- has been asked by her gentleman friend not to go on the shoot and when she refuses he leaves her. The movie explores the way these women cope with the struggle. The scene at the top of the post occurs when the young model is approached by an elderly man who says he enjoys looking at her and wants to buy her something. He offers her pearls; she asks for hot chocolate and pastries. So sweet!

I watched it via Hulu when it was offered as one of their free films, but it's behind a paywall now. I did find the scene where she tries on the pearls:

The New York Times says:
His current lesson in love is realistic, unadorned and has the polish of the master craftsman. But it is not a major concept he is dramatizing, and it lacks the hallmarks of imagination, expressive symbolism and poetic nuances of some of the truly memorable films that followed "Dreams."
Bright Lights Film has a positive review and says, "Viewers for whom Dreams is an introduction to Bergman’s work are in an enviable position". Rotten Tomatoes has a critics score of 40% but an audience rating of 77%.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this "dreamy" movie! Couldn't resist that one! It really does sound interesting and again, I am always amazed that you find just the right drink reference to share on T Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Nice post, and I LOVE that she chose hot chocolate and pastries - I never did like pearls! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. I'd never heard of that movie before, but it sounds like one I'd enjoy. With its focus on women, fashion, and relationship struggles, it sounds like an early chick flick. :)

    Happy T Day & Happy (Early) Thanksgiving!

  4. What a great scene. Hot chocolate and pastries would win out over pearls in my book, too. I have to admit, this sounds interesting, but very much a film from that era, where women are not supposed to get ahead. While in grad school, I took a summer class where the instructor said she could tell what decade we were born just by asking us a few questions about our youth. Seems we think differently based on what generation we grew up in. Women from the 50s were still tied down to husbands and independence was discouraged. I found the class fascinating and as telling as this movie you just previewed.

    Thanks for sharing this movie with us for T this Tuesday. And have a great Thanksgiving, too.

  5. Lovely scene - thanks for sharing!
    Happy T-Day!

  6. Sounds like a great movie to me! And I agree with CraftyMoose Debbie about how you always have such interesting references on T days. Happy T day to you!

  7. I love old movies especially Lauren Bacall and Ingmar Bergman..sometimes you can get old films on you tube

  8. A choice between chocolate and pearls? Let me think about that. Sounds like the movie would be interesting.

  9. Amazing - I never heard of this one. Not that I am a big Bergman fan, but he has made some good ones. This looks charming! I must look it up.

    1. It got tepid reviews at its release. Not his best effort, but still...

  10. I never was a great Ingmar bergman fan (although he has made a few good ones I enjoyed) and I have never heard of this one. It was probably quite fascinating to watch. The subject matter sounds interesting and the fact it was made in an era where women had totally different roles (as someone else also commented) must have been really strange.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting today,
    Have a good week,

  11. I don't think I've ever heard of this one either. I'll have to see if I can find it. Nothing better than a Old Movie and a hot drink on a cold winter day and they are just around the corner.

  12. i´m so impressed with the movies you Show us here! sounds like my taste exactly!
    happy rest of the week!