Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ivy 42

You hafta be watchin' to see those 42s! This one was along a street named Ivy.


  1. That actually is a beautiful photo, in my opinion. Yesterday I saw a documentary about Banksy in New York - he did one work a day, put up a clue on the web, and people ran to see it before it was taken down, sometimes within a few hours. This is what he did on one of the days:
    Really interesting, all of it.

    1. I saw something about that project, and I thought I'd probably never find any of them if it depended on me figuring out the clue. Wow lol, that video shows the plight of the artist in a nutshell, doesn't it! Even if you're famous you get no respect when you try to sell. I saw a couple I'd have bought even if I hadn't recognized the work :)

    2. Found this morning; a must-read:

    3. "legal walls" -now that'd be perfect! I'd be too scared of arrest to try it otherwise.