Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Memphis Music and Heritage Festival

Every year on Labor Day week-end the Center for Southern Folklore sponsors the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival downtown on Main Street. I had never been before and neither had The Daughter, so this year we decided to trek on down there and see what we'd been missing. Quite a lot! There was a stage set up on Main Street at Beale and another at Union and a third about half-way in-between. All along Main Street between the music venues were artists and vendors of all sorts.

Here's a promotional video for the event:

We had a wonderful time. Next year we plan on eating on one of the patios close to a music tent.

After we finished at the festival, we walked back to Tom Lee Park where we'd left the car but thought we wouldn't leave downtown quite yet. We decided to walk along the Riverwalk a ways, since we aren't usually on the southern end of it. We went along the Mississippi River down to Martyrs Park:

This park honors the martyrs of the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1878.

We walked back to the car via the pedestrian lane on Riverside Drive:

A lovely way to spend a summer afternoon!


  1. Looks like fun! And how lucky you were with the weather, I thought, but perhaps it isn´t fall where you are yet...

    1. It's still hot here, highs in the 90sF. The festival is a 2-day event, and we had planned to go on Saturday. It rained all day long that day and into the next. It was fine Sunday afternoon, though.

  2. Ah, the Memphis I remember. How beautiful. Loved the walk along the Riverwalk, because that is where it all happens in my opinion.

    Saw your comment about the heat. It's hotter here than it was most of August. We're projected to hit nearly 100 today. Lots of wind and humidity make for weird atmospheric disturbances.

    1. It has been a strange summer weatherwise. September is often quite hot here, but I hear we'll get a cooler spell soon.